Where Do You Go

Where do you go when there’s nowhere to turn to?
Who do you trust? What is the truth?

Life stripped you naked, frozen in time.
How do you know what to do to survive?

It happened so fast you were took by surprise.
But that’s usually how tragedy arrives.

Like an electric current cold fear fuels your veins.
Your tazed mind staggers unable to remain

Calm, collected, the way you were before
a viral terrorist locked you indoors.

Where do you go when there’s simply nowhere?
Confined all alone with your fear.

Where do you go when you’re unsure who to trust?
You want to crawl in a hole but you know that you must

Shelter in place, standing firm in your might
To weed out the wrong and discover the right

Where do you go, your mind questions again?
Go in, it then answers, where you’ll find a friend.

A voice that will guide you, if only you’ll hear.
A voice reassuring you’ve nothing to fear.

I hit pause, said the voice, so you’d not be distracted
And finding your way would be the attraction.

Where do you go when you don’t know where to turn to?
Go inward, said God, and rest assured that I’ve got you.


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