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We are all one story away from inspiring and encouraging each other

Living Life In The Faith Lane is home to everyone and anyone looking for inspiration and encouragement along their journey in life. It is also a community – and I invite you to take part in it – by reading and sharing stories published here and by sharing your stories, thoughts and experiences in the comments section. The more we share our experiences with others, the more we uplift and encourage one another.

Life can be awesome. Life can also be difficult.

Faith makes all things possible. Following faith, though, can be both exhilarating and confusing. Living Life In The Faith Lane is your (inspirational) travel companion, a virtual GPS for anyone discovering or enjoying living a faith-fueled lifestyle.

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes when we feel like we’re not alone or that someone understands our fears and struggles and supports, guides and encourages us, it makes things seem so much more possible, doable, tolerable.

Sometimes when we hear stories of other people struggling with the same things we’re struggling with and what they’re doing or have done to get through it, it makes our journey seem not so alone.

Sometimes when we have somewhere or someone to celebrate our feelings and experiences of living life in faith, it makes our journey feel all the more awesome.

And sometimes when we read about the kindness of others in everyday life it empowers us to be better people.

Living Life In The Faith Lane is a place to find all that.

It is a place, a community, for you to lean on for encouragement, inspiration and celebration!

Inspire . . .

Do you feel better when someone inspires you?

Do you feel better when you inspire someone else?

Does your heart swell with joy to hear about simple acts of kindness practiced every day?

Do you wish that there was a safe place to hang out, be understood, inspired, encouraged and supported, especially in today’s world of chaos?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are in the right place. My hope here at Living Life In The Faith Lane is to inspire and encourage you through stories of living a faith-fueled lifestyle and for you to inspire others through your stories, wisdom and experiences. And mostly, I hope to assist you in realizing that there is an even more powerful force inspiring, guiding and rooting for your well-being and happiness; and that after hanging out here at LLFL a desire will be ignited in you to tap into that guidance, that intuitive inner voice and live a faith-fueled instead of a fear-fueled lifestyle.

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