About the Categories

Like life, navigating a blog for your first time can seem confusing. With guidance, though, both your life and navigating LLFL will be easier.

Clicking on the blog title “Living Life in the Faith Lane” will bring you to the home page no matter where you are on the blog. So if you end up somewhere and can’t find your way back home, click the title and you will return safely.

Scrolling down the home page will highlight all the blog’s posts, with the most recent ones being at the top of the page.

  • Click on any photo and it will bring you to that individual post.
  • Click “Load More” at the bottom of the scroll and, well, guess what, more inspiration will reveal itself to you.

The Categories: The menu of categories is located directly under the large candle photograph on the home page. If you find that a particular category seems to satisfy you more and you’d like to see what is published just under that category, or you just want to know what each category really consists of, here’s the scoop:

  • “Inspiration” consists of quotes, photos, poems, songs and videos to inspire and encourage you in some way.
  • “Life In The Faith Lane” are stories about things that happen every day when you are living a faith inspired lifestyle.
  • “View From The Pew” are opinion pieces written to inspire and encourage you through my opinion on something.
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